December 06, 2014

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Interreligious dialogue in Chile

  • Catholic-Muslim cooperation
    Cooperation in common values, mutual spiritual enrichment and support.

Museum of Solidarity Salvador Allende

  • Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende
    I paid a visit recently to the new quarters of this collection, brought together at the request of the overthrown Socialist president of Chile.

Recent pix (updated December 2007)

  • Christmas Party 2007--Another Shot!
    A collection of fairly recent pictures--including the Christmas Party, 2007!

Santo Tomás Apóstol Parish

  • Watching the Leader
    I've been living, working and enjoying mission life in this working-class parish, serving the La Pintana area of southern Santiago, since May of 2007.

Secret Torture Center turned Peace Park

  • Visitors' book
    Democratically-elected leaders turned Villa Grimaldi--infamous in human rights reports of the 1970s and 80s--into a Park for Peace, with reminders of its dark and bloody history.

Theology Department

  • Good Eats!
    The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile's theology department gathered its teachers for a three-day workshop in the early days of January 2008, in the Termas de Cauquenes hotel a couple of hours' drive south of Santiago. On the agenda: moving the department to a new building, on a different campus!

Valparaiso, mi amor!

  • Pc190025
    Chile's principal port city, a little over an hour's drive from Santiago, preserves much of its pre-Panama Canal charm.

Walk for Peace

  • A Place to Remember, Cry, ...and Act
    Over a hundred people from several Catholic communities walked for hours on the hot afternoon of December 16th through the most violent areas of northern La Pintana, infamous for its drugdealing, gang conflict and gunfire. We wanted to proclaim our dream for a different kind of neighborhood, for streets free of violence and a society committed to greater equity in wealth and employment.
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